Chief Executive Officer

Peggy J. Berry, MBA, RAC, is the president and CEO at Synergy where she provides consulting services to companies in all aspects of drug development. She also provides group and one-on-one training in drug development, regulatory affairs, and project management topics.


Prior to founding Synergy Consulting, she was Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Insmed, where she was responsible for the development and implementation of global regulatory strategies and the management and oversight of the regulatory affairs department. Before she joined Insmed, she was Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality at Amarin.  She also held a variety of senior level positions at Dyax, MGI Pharma (now Eisai), AstraZeneca, and Dey Pharma (now Mylan). She has held Regulatory Affairs roles within two clinical contract research organizations (ILEX Oncology and Cato Research Ltd) and has worked in review divisions at the FDA.  She also consults for a number of companies in the regulatory and quality area, conducts a number of training courses, and is active in the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society.  


Peggy is the editor of the 2010 book “Choosing the Right Regulatory Career” (RAPS, MD) and author of the 2011 book “Communication & Negotiation” (RAPS, MD).


Chief Marketing Officer

Rick Bartels, MBA, is experienced in all aspects of pharmaceutical commercialization.  Mr. Bartels expertise includes but is not limited to new product launches, strategy and tactical plan development, market research, patient access and payer strategy development. He possess primary care, biologic, orphan drug, rare disease and medical device marketing expertise across multiple therapeutic areas.

Mr. Bartels enjoyed a rewarding 21 year career at AstraZeneca where he held numerous sales and marketing leadership roles with an ever expanding scope of responsibility including Marketing Director - Respiratory Brands, Market Research Manager, New Products Planning Manager and District Sales Manager.


Following AstraZeneca Mr. Bartels was Marketing Director at CSL Behring, responsibility for immunology and critical care biologic products. Mr. Bartels lead the highly successful launch of Privigen, surpassing launch forecast. Additionally, he spearheaded the development of an innovative patient advocacy strategy resulting in 25% increase in patient retention.

As his diverse career progressed, Mr. Bartels became Global Head of Sales and Marketing for RMS Medical products, a manufacturer of medical devices and supplies. During his tenure, RMS enjoyed a 26.4% increase in revenue and net income improved by 65.1% driven by strong sales.


Currently, Mr. Bartels is President and Founder of Schooner Consultant, LLC  where he takes the lead role supporting companies in designing launch and reimbursement strategies for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device products. He also specializes in qualitative market research methods and data analysis.


Mr. Bartels holds a Bachelor of Marketing degree from the SUNY Polytechnic Institute and a MBA from Russel Sage College.  In addition, Mr. Bartels serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, Healthcare Business MBA program at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia.


Chief Operating Officer

MARGARET M. MCSHANE, BS, MBA, is a Senior Level Management Professional with extensive and successful experience in product development.  Energetic, driven, innovative leader with particular expertise in breaking down challenging projects and converting them into clear and actionable plans to completion.  Proficient in developing efficient and effective processes, directing projects, measuring progress, and developing staff to their full potential. Committed to continuous learning, meeting challenging expectations, and bringing high quality pharmaceuticals/ medical device products to market on time.